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Sen. Steve Livingston was elected as the new majority leader of the Alabama Senate, replacing Sen. Clay Scofield, who recently announced his resignation. Changes are taking place in the Senate leadership in what will be a big reshuffle.

The president pro tempore of the Alabama Senate, state senator Greg Reed, a Republican from Jasper, stated his excitement and support for Livingston’s election. “Senator Livingston has an impeccable legislative record,” the speaker declared. In his new leadership position, I have no doubt that he will continue to have a positive impact on every Alabaman.”

Livingston, first elected to the Senate in 2014, is the chair of the Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment and Confirmations committees.

“I am deeply humbled to be elected as the Republican leader in the Alabama State Senate. Having the trust of my colleagues and friends to lead our caucus in this capacity is a tremendous honor,” said Livingston. “I am excited to work with my colleagues to continue implementing conservative values through our legislative agenda in the Senate and look forward to continuing our tireless work to uphold Alabama values that make our state the best place to call home.”


“Senator Livingston and I have a wonderful working relationship and friendship, and I look forward to working with him in this new role to build upon the work that the Republican Caucus has been doing to preserve and strengthen Alabama’s way of life and beliefs,” Senate President Pro Tem Greg Reed said.

Reed also mentioned his close friendship and professional relationship with Livingston, indicating a promising future of cooperation. Highlighting the advancements of the Republican Caucus, Reed conveyed his excitement to improve Alabama’s culture and core values even more.

Reed also used the occasion to express his gratitude to the departing majority leader, Scofield. He recapped their 14-year Senate career together, complimenting Scofield on his outstanding leadership and commitment to the people of Alabama. He acknowledged the significance of Scofield’s tenure and expressed his best wishes for his future undertakings.

Republican Speaker of the House Nathaniel Ledbetter praised the new majority leader.

“In addition to being one of my closest friends for many years, Steve Livingston has been a mentor of mine since the first moment I joined the House and a strong leader whose example I respect deeply,” Ledbetter said. “Sen. Livingston is a man of strong convictions and conservative beliefs, and he will lead his colleagues with the fairness, strength, and common sense that are his trademarks.”

Rep. Brock Colvin, who represents House District 26, said: “Senator Clay Scofield’s contributions, especially the expansion of Broadband to rural areas and the preservation of state parks, have been unparalleled. While his shoes will be hard to fill in the Senate, his leadership will continue to benefit the people of Alabama.”

The Alabama Republican Senate Caucus also released a statement on the “need to get back to work,” citing the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border as one of its many priorities.


“Members of the Alabama Republican Senate Caucus recently visited the Southern Border. There, Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Reed and Senator Lance Bell, accompanied by Speaker Ledbetter, Attorney General Marshall, and others, witnessed firsthand the threats faced by our nation,” the statement read.

We must deal with the threat that cartels are posing by smuggling fentanyl and other illegal drugs into our country. Moreover, we cannot turn a blind eye to the pervasive issue of human trafficking. We pledge to continue our efforts in passing legislation that safeguards Alabamians and addresses the issues arising from our southern border,” it added.

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