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There’s no pressure like the pressure of being in charge of the turkey on Thanksgiving, but there’s a stellar Black Friday deal already live to help feel good about your bird.

All-Clad is known for its quality, and their roasting pans and rack are no exception: Culinary experts and kitchen testers rank them among the very best roasting pans available. This particular model is a great combination: a polished 18/10 stainless-steel pan with an anti-warp bonded base paired with a rack that is nonstick for easy cleanup. You’ll get all the easy maintenance of the nonstick rack without worrying that any nonstick coating will flake off when you use the pan on the stovetop to make gravy.

Best of all: It’s up to 38% right now in a limited-time deal.

The pan comes in two sizes: 11 by 14 inches, which can hold a turkey up to 15 pounds, and 13 by 16 inches, which can hold a turkey up to 20 pounds. (You generally want to plan for about one pound per person. Check the full dimensions and measure your oven before buying the pan you want so you can be certain it will fit.)

Both feature sturdy riveted stainless steel handles, durable construction and the ability to withstand temps up to 600 degrees. The racks are removable so you can even use the pan as a baking dish, making this a super versatile piece of cookware you can turn to year-round.

Amazon buyers have given this a stellar 4.7 stars out of 5. Check out some promising reviews or see what other roasting pans come with high marks from experts below.

Beast mode pan. This roaster is a heavy duty pan that doesn’t disappoint. I have used it in the oven and in my smoker on hams, turkeys, pork butt etc… I had a cheap roaster before this one that was too small and it ended up making a mess in the oven because it didn’t contain the whole bird. Foil pans were my go to for the smoker and its always sketchy moving them around when they are full of meat and juices. The rack is heavy duty and keeps the meat suspended up out of the juices nicely. Cover the pan and you still get the moisture and steam effect but without the bottom of the meat being all soggy.

“I specifically looked at this pan because it has no coating…I can shred meat or make pan gravy right in the roaster. Non stick pans end up with scratches and eventually the coating fails and ends up in the food. It doesn’t clean up as easily as a non stick…but I don’t have to handle it with kid gloves either. Chainmail scrubber for any heavy bits and scotchbrite pads for the rest and it cleans up just fine. They are proud of these, but I can honestly say I think it will last a lifetime. One less thing to worry about on holiday meal days and no more disposable foil pans on the smoker make it totally worth it.” — John H.

“I don’t care where it’s made. It’s a beautiful sturdy roaster that’s easy to clean, easy to care for, does a wonderful job, and looks totally amazing! Amazon saved our backside this Thanksgiving with their quick delivery and quality item. Our pre-existing roasting pan wasn’t fit to serve a formal dinner but this did not disappoint! Our guests were in awe when we brought out our perfectly cooked bird in a beautiful and perfect roaster. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on this purchase as it will please even the most discerning!” — Freestyle

Well built and worth the money. Use this in my pellet smoker/grill. Easy to clean! Love it!” — Bob Freeman

Love, love, love it! I bought this the day after Thanksgiving… because the Calphalon Al-Clad Anodized one I had was dark and cooked the turkey quicker and all the drippings burned on the bottom of the pan. It could have been because I have a small oven and the bottom rack is fairly close to the electric coils. Regardless, I couldn’t get the darn thing cleaned. So I got rid of it and searched and searched until I found this one. I finally used it this Thanksgiving with a 12 lb. turkey and it was perfect. I probably could have fit a slightly larger bird, but not more than 13, maybe 14 lbs. I cooked my turkey breast down for the first half to 3/4 cooking time and the inwardly-turned handles made it a little tricky to flip the bird without getting a little burnt.

“It’s a little on the heavy side, but overall it was great and heated evenly. Best of all, the cleanup was a snap. I thought for sure with the shiny bottom that the caked-on mess would give me a hard time, but after soaking in hot soapy water for about 15 mins. it just pealed right off.” — Karen

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