Biden Spent 37% Of Past Year In A Getaway Spot – Trump News 2024

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The media smeared Donald Trump for traveling to his properties while he was President.

Joe Biden is doing it more.

The New York Post revealed that Joe Biden spent 37% of his presidency in a getaway spot.

These spots include his Delaware residences and Camp David.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden escaped the confines of the White House and the travails of high office for a host of other diversions in 2023, spending more than a third of the past year ensconced at a getaway spot, a report Monday details.

According to the New York Post, peripatetic Biden could be found on his absences from Washington, DC, at either one of his Delaware residences, a posh vacation site or Camp David, according to a review of public records by the outlet.

The octogenarian was away at one of the relaxing locations or famous retreat 138 days in 2023 — or 37 percent of the time.

His number is outpacing all recent Presidents.

New York Post reported:

Biden — who historically rode Amtrak to get out of DC when he was a senator — outpaces all recent presidents in terms of days away from Washington. George H.W. Bush was his closest competitor, spending 36% of his presidency at a getaway spot, according to calculations.

Former President Donald Trump, who liked to spend time at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, was out of town 26% of his time in the White House.


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