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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie engaged in a fiery back-and-forth with the far-left ladies of “The View” during an appearance on Wednesday over a discussion involving his 2024 GOP primary candidacy and after he said he won’t be voting for President Joe Biden.

After Christie said he wouldn’t be voting for either Biden or former President Donald Trump should the latter go on to win the GOP nomination, co-host Joy Behar waved her hand and accused him of being a “copout,” while fellow co-host Sunny Hosting said he would be surrendering his right to vote, the Daily Caller reported.

“If it’s Trump versus Biden, who would you vote for?” Behar asked.

“I wouldn’t vote for either of them. I wouldn’t. No, don’t give me that!” the former New Jersey governor responded.

“That’s a copout,” Behar interjected.

“No, it’s not a copout,” Christie pushed back.

“It’s a copout,” she reiterated.


“You want me to choose —” Christie began before Hostin chimed in.

“You would give away your right to vote?” Hostin asked.

“No, I would vote for everyone down the ticket. But I’m not gonna vote for — look, I’m not gonna vote for someone who I don’t believe is capable anymore of the presidency, which is Joe Biden, and somebody —”

Hostin then said that Christie believed Trump was capable of being president in the past, to which the former governor said he was wrong to think so.


Christie did not qualify for the next GOP primary debate, which will be held Jan. 10 and hosted by CNN, because he is only polling at 3.8 percent nationally.

Any Republican presidential hopefuls who believed they would pick up some momentum in the waning weeks ahead of the first-in-the-nation primaries in Iowa later this month have had those hopes dashed by a brand-new survey that showed former President Donald Trump surging instead.

“Not only has Trump reached an all-time high at 62% support in the latest national USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released Monday, he has expanded his lead on the GOP primary field to 49 points,” Newsmax reported, citing the survey.

“Notably, as the GOP field of challengers has shrunk, Trump’s lead has grown — an ominous sign for the anti-Trump forces in American politics and incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden, who also trails Trump in the poll,” the report continued.

According to the poll, these are the top five GOP contenders:

  1. Trump 62%
  2. Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley 13%
  3. Florida Gov Ron DeSantis 10%
  4. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy 6%
  5. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 4%

Christie has not polled above single digits in the vast majority of surveys throughout the GOP primary thus far, but he has vowed to remain in the race until the bitter end, which most take to mean the Republican National Convention’s nomination process.

Meanwhile, Karoline Leavitt, a spokesperson for Make America Great Again Inc., has described the behavior of three former Trump White House associates as “infuriating” because they are spreading falsehoods about the 45th president that are reminiscent of “the Democrats’ playbook.”

“These are three women who, as a matter of fact, are my three former White House colleagues, who went from Trump supporters to Trump haters very quickly because they learned that’s the fastest way to get your face on television and sell crappy books these days,” Leavitt said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

“Here’s the deal. All three of these women were very complimentary of President Trump when they worked for him. (Former Trump White House Communications Director) Alyssa Farah Griffin said President Trump was a remarkable man, (former Trump White House deputy press secretary) Sarah Matthews said it was the greatest honor of her lifetime to work in the Trump White House. And Cassidy Hutchinson sold a book full of falsehoods that have been debunked by numerous witnesses and credible people,” Leavitt added.

“I think it’s the most pitiful statement of all when they said that Donald Trump poses a greater threat to democracy than Joe Biden, who is literally allowing a mass invasion of illegal people into our country, whose weakness on the world stage is marching us towards World War III and who is literally using our government institutions to target his political opposition,” she continued. “That is the hallmark of a dictatorship. The truth is real Americans don’t care what these three women have to say.

“They care about how they feel, and they feel the consequences of the Biden administration, and that’s why President Trump is going to win the Republican nomination in just a few short weeks.

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