CNN Anchor Brutally Checks Former Trump Attorney’s ‘Two-Tiered’ Justice System Claim – PPT News

Trusty, who resigned from Trump’s legal team after the Justice Department indicted the ex-president over his handling of classified documents, defended 45′s “right to be frustrated” with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and New York Attorney General Letitia James before criticizing the justice system.

“Look, I don’t have to sign off – or sign on – on anything that the president says. But I can tell you that the grounds for frustration, the concerns about a two-tiered system, are legitimate ones,” Trusty said.

Republicans have alleged that there’s a “two-tier” justice system that has victimized Trump in recent months.

Collins, on Thursday, said she was going to let Trusty go but continued the interview to check his remarks.

“You can’t really call it a two-tiered system of justice. Look at the number of Democrats who are being investigated right now. I think Senator Bob Menendez would argue that it’s a two-tiered system of justice,” noted Collins before mentioning Hunter Biden.

“Hunter Biden? You’re using Hunter Biden as an example of equal justice? I have a hard time with that,” Trusty replied.

“I’m just saying you can’t call it a two-tiered system of justice because there are plenty of Democrats who are also being investigated by the Justice Department including the president’s – the sitting president’s son,” Collins fired back.

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