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Joe Biden’s Justice Department continues to pursue people suspected of taking part in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on the third anniversary of the incident.

“FBI agents from the Tampa, Florida, field office apprehended Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III at a ranch near Groveland, Florida, according to the FBI’s statement. Law enforcement had been searching for Daniel Pollock since June 2021, while Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson became fugitives in March 2023 after removing their ankle monitors and going into hiding before they faced trial in a federal court,” The Daily Caller reported on Saturday.

The outlet added:

The government did not disclose details pertaining to how the arrests were conducted or what may have happened while agents were executing search warrants in its announcement. The FBI also did not explain how it located the suspects at the ranch in the first place.

Johnathan Pollock is suspected to have assaulted multiple law enforcement officers with a deadly weapon, while Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson face charges for assaulting officers and several other crimes, according to court documents.


The FBI noted that the three suspects are scheduled to appear in a federal courtroom in Ocala, Fla., on Monday.

Over the past three years, federal prosecutors have charged more than 1,200 defendants with crimes related to the incident, CBS News reported. More than 700 have pleaded guilty to various charges, while more than 100 people have been convicted. The Biden Justice Department is continuing to pursue dozens more individuals who have yet to be identified for allegedly engaging in violence during the riot.

Meanwhile, the estate of Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer on the day of the riot, has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the Biden administration for wrongful death.

The suit, filed by legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch in the U.S. District Court Southern District of California on behalf of Aaron Babbitt, Ashli’s husband, says “the officer who shot Babbitt was ‘incompetent’ and ‘dangerous’ and should have seen that the 35-year-old posed no threat to Congress when she entered the House speaker’s lobby,” Washington Examiner ‘Secrets’ columnist Paul Bedard reported on Friday.

“The only homicide on January 6 was the unlawful shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. Her homicide by Lt. (Michael) Byrd is a scandal beyond belief. This historic lawsuit seeks a measure of justice and government accountability for Ashli’s wrongful death,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

“Judicial Watch and our supporters are honored to represent Ashli’s steadfast widower Aaron Babbitt and her estate in this legal action. Ashli was shot in cold blood, and the rule of law requires justice for her,” Fitton added.

After the shooting, the Biden Justice Department investigated and cleared Byrd of any wrongdoing. But the lawsuit claims that Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran who was not armed when she attempted to climb through a broken window into the House anteroom, posed no threat to anyone while citing Byrd’s soiled history of gunplay.

“For example, it claimed that Byrd once left his Glock 22, used to shoot Babbitt, in a public bathroom. It also claimed that Byrd shot into a car allegedly stolen by teenagers,” Bedard wrote.

The suit also said Byrd had his police powers suspended in the past for “failing to meet or complete semiannual firearms qualification requirements,” adding, “Lt. Byrd had a reputation among peers for not being a good shot.”

Bedard noted further:

A time-stamped video released this week by a group headed by a Jan. 6 suspect showed a new angle of the shooting. In it, an unarmed Babbitt is pushed into the speaker’s lobby as Byrd raises his gun. After he shot, she fell back, bleeding from the shoulder and neck.

In seeking $30 million from the federal government, the lawsuit said Babbitt suffered horribly.

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