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A legal organization that has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Archives revealed in a social media post on Tuesday that then-Vice President Joe Biden exchanged thousands of emails with his son, Hunter Biden, and family members as well as business interests they were involved in.

In an X post, America First Legal said it had obtained “19,335 emails with Rosemont Seneca,” a business consulting firm founded by Hunter Biden; 4,243 emails with Hunter himself; “1,751 emails with Jim Biden;” and “3,738 emails with Jim’s Lion Hall Group,” which has since closed its doors. The firm had ties with the Chinese Communist Party, reports said.

As noted by The Federalist, President Biden “denied long before he was inaugurated that he ever discussed business with his son,” but the AFL revelation “revealed that Joe emailed his son Hunter Biden, his brother James ‘Jim’ Biden, and their respective firms’ tens of thousands of times over the course of his vice presidency.”

A joint status report published on Friday by the U.S. District Court of Washington, D.C., noted that the National Archives and Records Administration “reluctantly admitted” the presence of the emails.

The president, his brother, and his son, as well as the firms listed in the court documents, are currently the focus of the GOP-led investigation into Biden family influence-peddling, The Federalist noted.

“These damning numbers further confirm that there was never a wall separating the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden’s business endeavors. In fact, there was extensive commingling between them,” AFL wrote in a statement posted to X.


The Federalist added:

It’s unclear what exactly the emails said since NARA claimed it would take more than 15 months to sort through the data requested by AFL. The existence of the emails, however, is proof alone that Biden has lied about his involvement in his family’s scheme to sell political favors to foreign oligarchs.

In 2019, then-candidate Joe Biden claimed that “there will be an absolute wall between personal and private (business interests) and the government.”

“I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses. Period,” Biden further claimed.

The New York Post noted in late August: “Hunter Biden and his business associates frequently used their direct line of communications with the Office of the Vice President to leverage access to the Obama White House, the trove of emails show.

“White House guest lists, seating assignments, and biographies of guests for various official events, including the 2012 United Kingdom State Dinner, the 2013 Turkey State Luncheon and the 2014 France State Dinner, were shared with Rosemont Seneca employees,” The Post continued.

The outlet also said that one email contained an invitation that was forwarded to then VP Biden for an event at the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations. Another invited then-second lady Jill Biden to take part in a World Food Program campaign.

Also, invites from the White House for a number of events presumably attended by Hunter Biden or that he requested tickets for guests are also seen in NARA’s documents handed over to AFL.

In one email dated December 2013, Doug Davenport, a lobbyist, begged Hunter Biden’s former business partner Eric Schwerin for tickets to the White House Christmas tour, “indicating that Rosemont Seneca’s level of access to the Executive Mansion was well-known,” The Post said.


“Hey guys……I am in a bad spot,” Davenport’s email begins. “I have a guy from Apple who is dying to take his 4 colleagues on a REGULAR WH Tour…see the tree, etc…..this Friday.”

“I know it is WAY short notice, but I would owe you my life if you could tell me any way possible to get my hands on some public tour tix for this Friday? Or am I just way out of line???” he noted further.

He then told a Rosemont Seneca employee to “check with our friends over there” and informed Davenport that the only way the request could be fulfilled was to get them to “the front of the line.”

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