Laura Ingraham Shreds ‘Autocrat’ Democrats Working To Keep Trump Off The Ballot – Trump News 2024


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Fox News host Laurs Ingraham compared Democrats working to keep former President Donald Trump off of ballots in the presidential election to the tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a show segment this week.

The cases, which many people believe will be crushed by the Supreme Court, so far involve Colorado, where every Supreme Court Justice was appointed by Democrat governors, and a Secretary of State in Maine elected by the legislature, the citizens of the state, who is also a Democrat.

“Well, look, let’s cut through the haze here. This is going to ultimately, unless something bizarre happens, be overturned in the Supreme Court. We all know what the Michigan Supreme Court did. They rejected this 14th Amendment nonsense,” she said.

“I mean, I won’t repeat what the previous guest said, but obviously, Donald Trump was never charged with ‘insurrection.’ He was never adjudged by a court to have engaged in ‘insurrection.’ Certainly not in any legal sense, so who this really is voter suppression, which ironically, the voters of Maine have said overwhelmingly they’re against,” Ingraham continued.


“The ACLU on their website, as I was listening on hold, the ACLU has a whole page devoted to ‘protect the right to vote, Maine votes no to voter suppression.’ This is back in 2011. November 9th of 2011,” she said.

“I’m thinking to myself, this is hilarious. Like, what is more — what is more suppressive than removing a candidate from the ballot who is leading, in, I believe in every state in the primary, in the Republican primary? There is no higher definition of what suppressive behavior is, or conduct is,” the host added.

“So, they are engaging in the very conduct, this is judicial interference in the election process in the representative democracy, and this is suppressing the right to vote on the part of, you know, obviously Maine residents who wish to vote for Donald Trump,” Ingraham noted further. “But, in a dozen challenges across the country, funded by these far-left interests with the sheen of being bipartisan, they have the veneer of being a bipartisan challenge.

“They find some ‘Never-Trump’ former state senator and then a Republican-turned-independent former state rep, and then they have a Democrat or a liberal mayor, and they put together this group of plaintiffs and say, ‘Oh, this is bipartisan.’ That is just a joke. It’s obviously not bipartisan,” she said.

“They refuse, or they simply do not wish to allow the voters to have their say. This challenge is ridiculous. This ruling is ridiculous. (Maine Secretary of State) Shana Bellows is a far-left activist. Trump is right about that. She is totally biased,” the Fox News star continued.

“She is no different from any of the other DAs or local prosecutors who, you know, just seethe at the idea of Republican voters being able to street for the candidate of their choice, whoever that candidate is,” the host said.

“So, who is the autocrat now? Where is the autocratic behavior coming from? I would submit it’s coming from the left, which refuses to allow people to make basic decisions about their lives, whether it’s how they move around, what type of vehicle, what type of, you know, cooking surface they use. What type of heating they are allowed to use in their homes. Corporate censorship mixed with governor censorship as we are approaching this hot election season,” she said.

“So, again, they are petrified that he is actually going to win, and they are going to do everything they can to stop it. That’s what this is all about,” Ingraham speculated.

“It’s not a serious legal challenge by any stretch of the imagination. And this speaking of someone who clerked on the Supreme Court, clerked on the Second Circuit of Appeals, practicing litigator, it’s ludicrous, it’s almost not worth talking about; it’s so stupid,” she said.

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