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A noted left-wing billionaire who was donating money to GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley has cut off his support after she lost the New Hampshire primary to former President Donald Trump.

According to a person familiar with the situation, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has turned off the money spigot for Haley’s campaign, CNBC reported on Thursday.

“Hoffman is one of Haley’s first wealthy donors to start heading for the exit after she said Tuesday that she would remain in the GOP’s nomination contests against” Trump, the outlet noted.

According to a Republican fundraiser who spoke to CNBC on Wednesday, three clients who individually contributed up to $100,000 to support Haley’s campaign are now withdrawing from further financial support for the former United Nations ambassador.

Additional fundraisers mentioned on Wednesday that, despite intending to endorse Haley publicly, they are uncertain about their ability to raise substantial funds for her campaign due to her current 0-for-2 record, the outlet continued.


Hoffman is known for supporting Democratic candidates. However, he gave $250,000 to a pro-Haley superPAC last year, The New York Times reported.

And he said in October that while he supports President Joe Biden, he believes that Haley has the best chance of defeating Trump.

After New Hampshire, Haley, a former South Carolina governor and Trump’s one-time UN ambassador, declared she would still support him should he defeat her for the GOP nomination.

When Haley and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu spoke with CNN’s Dana Bash, they questioned the 45th president’s fitness for office.

“I think he’s fit, but I’m saying, do we want two 80-year-olds to be our options when we’re talking about president? And that’s not being disrespectful. It’s the fact that we need somebody who’s going to go eight years ready, fully focused to do that. Neither one of them can say that they can do that. One, because Trump can’t run longer than four years, but two, is that really what we want to do when we’ve got a country in disarray and a world on fire that we’re going to do that? So, what I’m saying is, you can’t say that when you’re 80 you’re not in decline. Scientifically, you are in decline, no matter who you are,” Haley said.

“Do you think he’s fit? I mean, mentally,” Bash pushed back.

“I mean, look, we’ve seen him get confused,” Haley responded. “He was confused about me having something to do with keeping security away from the Capitol. Clearly, he was talking about someone else. He was confused when he said that Biden was going to run us into World War II, clearly he meant World War III. This is more about, have you heard a vision from him? You haven’t. You’ve heard about who he’s going to go against in the past, what vendettas he’s going to take care of, but nothing about the vision for the future.”

“Let me just ask you a question of another version of the word fit,” Bash continued. “He was found liable in a civil trial for sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll. He’s under investigation for obstructing attempts to get him to return classified documents he took from the White House. He’s arguing constantly that he deserves total immunity. Do you think that that conduct makes him fit to be president?”

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“If I did, I wouldn’t be running,” Haley exclaimed.

“But you have pledged to support him and endorse him if you end up not making it,” Bash pushed back.

“Because I don’t ever want to see a President Kamala Harris. That should send a chill up everyone’s spine,” Haley declared.

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