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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) issued a strong endorsement on behalf of Donald Trump during a campaign speech in Iowa on Friday, making a strong case for why he should become president again while appearing to make a case to become his running mate.

“We have to put President Trump back in the White House because we can trust him,” she said at a rally in Keokuk, the southernmost city in the state, the Washington Examiner noted, adding:

Before a large crowd that cheered her one-liners, Greene reminded voters of the positive economy that Trump left behind, said he would return tough-border policies, and highlighted the absence of wars under the Republican.

She also whacked the former president’s top challengers, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and former Trump-era Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.


At one point, she repeated the harsh line Haley had about Iowa during a rally in New Hampshire, where Haley hopes to stop Trump’s run for another term after his expected victory in the Iowa caucuses later this month.

“Did you hear about this?” Greene asked. “Nikki Haley was in New Hampshire. And she said that New Hampshire, they’re going to have to correct what Iowa does. Wow. So what does she think about Iowa? What does she think about Iowans? How Hillary Clinton of her.”

Greene, meanwhile, is one of the former president’s closest congressional allies. She often warms up the crowd ahead of his rallies and she also frequently speaks to him by phone. She has expressed her desire to be on his short list for VP or in his next administration if he wins the election, “but hasn’t been pushy about it,” the Examiner noted.

She continued to praise him before the Iowa crowd while mocking claims by President Joe Biden, Democrats, and left-wing media outlets that he’ll be a “dictator” if he wins a second term.

“I know they’re rolling out the lines. ‘President Trump is a dictator.’ Really? OK. He was our president for four years. We know what he can do. Thanks so much,” she said to hoots and cheers.

“They’re like bringing up President Trump is going to destroy democracy. Oh, really? OK. What a joke,” she added — as Biden’s administration actually works to try and put Trump behind bars through a series of federal cases brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

MTG noted that Trump has regularly fought off his attackers since before his first term and that he ought to be rewarded with another term for surviving the assaults.

“We have to have President Trump because we have to protect free speech. And let me tell you the difference in all these candidates running. There is not one of them, not one of them, that knows what it’s like to be attacked by the deep state, the media, big corporations, social media. Not one of them know what that’s like. I can tell you right now — I know President Trump very well — he appreciates free speech and our freedoms more than any of you can understand. Because he is being persecuted, absolutely persecuted for his own speech,” the congresswoman said.

She added: “And that is a very big reason, when you talk to your friends about, well, DeSantis, and blah, blah, blah, Nikki Haley, yada, yada, yada. Let me tell you something. The man you want in the White House fighting to defend your freedoms, fighting to defend your speech, fighting to protect our border, fighting Washington, D.C., that loves war … the only one you can trust is President Trump.”

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