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In a divided America, presidential candidates seek out any advantage they can in order to win their races, and former President Donald Trump just managed to secure one as he is expected to once again win the GOP nomination and face off against his 2020 rival, President Joe Biden.

According to Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner, a new study of vocabulary — or “lexical” — diversity found that Trump, who is known for infusing his rally speeches with descriptor words like “best” and “biggest,” has a distinct edge over Biden, who uses fewer diverse words and does not speak much in public.

“But then, neither are known for their speeches the way President Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator himself, was,” Bedard noted.

Notes a communications executive promoting the study WordFinder: “Trump’s speeches have a 26.8% lexical diversity, while Biden’s has a 25.8% — a below-average uniqueness among other leaders.”

Bedard added:

The group provided Secrets with the latest report on the “lexical diversity” of world leaders. That has former Vice President Al Gore on top of U.S. political leaders, proving that word diversity does not mean great communicating.


Many consider Gore a boring speaker, but his word diversity is great, at 42%. And no surprise for the global warming advocate, he uses the word “fossil” the most.

Both Trump and Biden use the word “people” most, though one of Biden’s favorites is “president,” as if he has to remind us often that he is in charge.

“President Donald Trump’s speeches exhibited about 27% lexical diversity, while President Joe Biden’s stood at around 26% — both lower than most others in the study. Similarly, Elon Musk, known for his transformative impact on technology and space exploration, displayed a lexical diversity of about 22%. This relatively low word variance could suggest a focused and consistent use of language in their communications,” the WordFinder analysis said.

“Topping our list was Ales Bialiatski, a Belarusian human rights activist whose lexical diversity reached an impressive 56.2%. This means that more than half of the words in his speeches were unique, indicating a richly varied use of language in advocating for human rights,” WordFinder added.

“We found Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, had the second-highest diversity score (46.4%) among the international leaders studied. He also used ‘think’ in his speeches more than any other word,” it added.

While it is known which candidate will win most states, there are a handful of swing states that have become the most important in modern election cycles, which is why candidates and pollsters focus more on them during election cycles. With that said Trump appears to be besting Biden in most of them, according to the most recent surveys.

A new Morning Consult/Bloomberg News poll, for example, has Trump beating Biden 47 to 42 percent across seven swing states.

“Trump leads by three percent in Arizona, by seven points in Georgia, by four points in Michigan, by five points in Nevada, by 11 points in North Carolina, by a single point in Pennsylvania, and by six points in Wisconsin,” the UK’s Independent reported, citing the survey.

It comes as Trump continues to pull ahead of the remaining GOP field in Iowa, where the first-in-the-nation primary takes place next month.

Meanwhile, Democrats in crucial 2024 swing states were never in love with the term for Biden’s economic policies — “Bidenomics” — but a report earlier this month said they have all but abandoned it as the current election cycle heats up.

After claiming that the media had originally coined the phrase, Biden used it earlier this year. NBC News reported, “But early on, it became clear that the phrase wasn’t resonating with voters, and by the end of November, Biden had only used the phrase once since the start of the month.”

However, the network says the phrase never actually caught on with House Democrats.

A study of online posts and congressional office press releases revealed that as many as 18 out of the 19 Democrats representing seats classified as “Toss Up” or “Lean Democrat” by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report and seeking re-election have never utilized the term “Bidenomics.”

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