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Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley was “swatted” at her home in December, becoming one of several other high-profile officials to fall prey to the dangerous prank.

According to town records obtained by Reuters, police took action when a man called claiming that he had shot a woman and made threats to harm himself at Haley’s residence.

“The previously unreported “swatting” incident is among a wave of violent threats, bomb scares and other acts of intimidation against government officials, members of the judiciary and election administrators since the 2020 election that have alarmed law enforcement ahead of this year’s U.S. presidential contest,” Fox News added.

A disgusted and frustrated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) sounded off on Christmas Day after being “swatted” again for what she believes was the eighth time.

Rome, Ga., police were called again to Taylor’s home for an alleged emergency shortly before noon, the New York Post confirmed.

According to the report, someone called into the emergency dispatch center and claimed he shot his girlfriend while threatening suicide himself.


“Our team, in their response … coordinated with her security detail, and it was determined that there was no emergency and that she was safe,” the spokesperson told The Post. “Our response was actually canceled en route.”

“I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time,” Greene posted on the X platform. “On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this.

“I appreciate them so much and my family and I are in joyous spirits celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!” she added.

The Post further explained: “Swatting” is a harassment tactic in which pranksters report a faux emergency to law enforcement to dispatch officers to a victim’s address. Many conservatives have fallen victim to swatting. Activist Jack Posobiec claimed his parents were swatted on Saturday.

The ‘swatting’ incidents against Greene began in August, happening two nights in a row.

“911 received a call from the suspect, claiming responsibility for the incident and explaining his/her motives. ’They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her,’” she said, quoting local police.

Northwest Georgia News noted at the time:

According to a Rome Police Department report, police officers responded to a 911 call on Wednesday at 01:03 a.m. that led them to initially believe a man who had been shot multiple times was in the bathtub at Greene’s home. The caller also stated there was a woman inside the home and possibly children with her. When officers arrived, Greene assured them there was no issue at the home.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the case of former President Donald Trump’s alleged election interference case in Washington, D.C., was the victim of a swatting call earlier this month.

Lawfare reporter Anna Bower reported on X (formerly Twitter) that Chutkan’s residence in the capital was the scene of a reported shooting, which prompted the response of the police and fire departments.

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Judge Chutkan “may have been the target of a ‘swatting’ call tonight,” Bower wrote on X. “Police & fire services responded to a reported shooting at a home in D.C. They found nothing. Per property records, Chutkan owns the home.”

“I’m not posting the audio from the dispatch here because it includes the address of the home that appears to be owned by Judge Chutkan,” Bower added. “But according to the dispatch, police who responded to the shooting report ‘thoroughly searched the area’ and found nothing.”

According to the audio from the police response, which was also shared on social media, the caller stated that a residence in Northwest Washington had numerous victims. According to the property records that Newsweek reviewed, the home mentioned in the call is owned by Chutkan.

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