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A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are voicing more concerns about President Joe Biden’s barely visible reelection campaign, even as former President Donald Trump remains a campaign juggernaut amid rising poll numbers following his historic Iowa caucus victory.

“It’s a viewpoint that aligns with other left-leaning individuals who have previously sounded the alarm, including a former aide to first lady Jill Biden. Still, Biden’s re-election vehicle appears to have not made any significant changes despite the public outcry,” Fox News reported on Saturday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is among those concerned about Biden’s reelection. The Vermont independent, who caucuses with Democrats and has socialist leanings, believes the president needs to change course and said the Israel-Hamas war has hurt Biden’s status among younger voters.

“There is no question, it is very hard for young people, I think for most Americans, to be excited about what is going on right now,” Sanders told CNN earlier this month. “President (Biden) has got to change course.”

Additional Democrats in the lower chamber of Congress, like former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, have also expressed concerns regarding the trajectory of Biden’s campaign.


“We all have concerns. We want to make sure it’s a victorious campaign,” Hoyer recently said, per Roll Call.

“I think Joe Biden has had as successful an administration as any president, perhaps since Franklin Roosevelt,” he said. “And our job is to make sure the American people know how it affected them and their families so positively.”

In addition, the January 6 Committee’s former chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, said he’s “not real comfortable” with where Biden’s campaign currently is and feels his team needs to be more diverse.

“Well, I think those of us who helped Joe Biden get elected president are not real comfortable at this point with what we’re seeing,” Thompson said recently, per Fox News. “It just appears that the people who were engaged in helping craft the message and direction of the 2020 campaign are not actively involved in this campaign.”

“Now, that doesn’t mean — it’s not too late to broaden the participation.” he continued. “But I think part of that discomfort is, in order to win, you have to have your best team effort. That team effort includes who he has, but he also needs men and women of color in the room, Latino, Asian. I think it’s that the tent is too small right now.”

Thompson praised Biden’s alleged accomplishments, as did Hoyer, but said he didn’t think the campaign has explained them well enough to Americans.

“The Biden administration has a rich portfolio that they’ve accomplished,” Thompson said to the same publication. “I think there’s some continued concern about how that portfolio is being delivered and who’s delivering it. And so I think it’s just a matter of, you know, getting some more people under the tent. And, so, how can we do this better?”

Fox News added:

The lawmaker’s concerns follow others who have exited the Biden orbit and can seemingly speak more freely. 


Michael LaRosa, a former top aide and spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden, has criticized Biden’s team for the president’s crumbling poll numbers and cautioned he needs a shakeup with his aides around him.

“New CNN Poll: Trump has higher favorables+Biden has higher unfavorable,” LaRosa wrote on social media in November. “This is inexcusable for man universally known for his character+intregity. It’s a result of failing to respond to smears, lies, conspiracies, and disinfo for months allowing a void of info to be filled.”

“Shameful that POTUS’s team has allowed this narrative to congeal over the past two years,” LaRosa continued. “The only people who can help change the people around (President Biden) is (Jill Biden). It’s up to her. These are the same people who got him 4th in Iowa, 5th in (New Hampshire), and a distant 2nd to a socialist in (Nevada).”

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