One Direction star Zayn Malik records Urdu song and South Asian fans are obsessed – PPT News

Former-One Direction star Zayn Malik is going back to his roots with a new song released in Urdu, and his brown fans are loving it. 

Malik, who is half-Pakistani, collaborated with Karachi-based pop band Aur to record new vocals on their single “Tu Hai Kahan.” Malik’s familiar voice and the romantic melody brought former One Direction fans back to his days with the group, they said online, but for South Asian fans, it was a particularly special listen. 

“hearing zayn sing in urdu in tu hai kahan…like i’ve heard him sing in urdu before but it just does something to my heart every time seeing him come back to his pakistani roots,” one person tweeted. 

His 2016 album, “Mind of Mine,” also featured an intermission recorded in Urdu called “fLoWer.” Fans said they hope this new collaboration inspires him to make an album entirely in Urdu. 

“So significant for so many young British Asians,” another X user wrote about “Tu Hai Kahan.” “Beautiful song in urdu. Zayn Malik has inspired many youngsters to be proud of who they are and celebrate their culture and background instead of hiding away.”

South Asians across the world say it’s reached them, too. 

“As a first generation Pakistani American, thank you,” one person commented on the YouTube video, which has over 5 million views. “Proud to be Pakistani, proud to have Indian roots. I love you all.”

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