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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to knock Donald Trump for having a “cognitive disorder” but confused him with the current occupant of the White House when she did so.

Fox News reported that Pelosi on Wednesday responded to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who asked the California Democrat “about Trump’s attempt to attack the former speaker over the response to Jan. 6, but appeared to confuse Pelosi with GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley,” Fox News reported.

“We’ve heard what Nikki Haley thought about that, that confusion, that mistake by Donald Trump. But I don’t know what you thought about it, and I’m curious,” Maddow said.

Pelosi responded that she did not intend to spend much time on Trump’s alleged “cognitive disorders” before making her own mental gaffe.

“Well, let me just say, I’m not going to spend too much time on Donald Trump’s cognitive disorders,” she said. “He tried to say that Nikki Haley did not allow the National Guard to come, but it was Nancy Pelosi. It was nobody. It was Joe — it was Donald Trump. He knows, and you know, that Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and I begged for hours for the National Guard to come.”

“He knows that we don’t have the authority to bring the National Guard. The president does. Sad to say to the District of Columbia because, in every other state, the governor has that power. So, I’m more concerned about what he was trying to accuse her of and, again, his many misrepresentations. But don’t spend so much time on him. We don’t agonize about him,” Pelosi said.



Trump has repeatedly stated that he offered to deploy D.C. National Guard troops to the Capitol, but Pelosi — who, as Speaker of the House, is in charge of securing Congress — turned him down.

Also, former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told Congress during testimony in November that three days before the incident, then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving rejected Sund’s request to deploy hundreds of Guard soldiers because Irving told him then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would “never go for it,” The Epoch Times reported.

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Sund made his revelation to the House Oversight Committee during a 90-minute hearing, the outlet reported.

In his first testimony before a House committee since he was forced to resign on Jan. 8, two days after the incident — he wasn’t called at all to testify before Pelosi’s hand-picked Jan. 6 Committee — Sund explained how he was frustrated by the refusal of the offer of troops because their presence that day, he believes, would have been a “game-changer.”

The outlet added:

Mr. Sund said in meetings with Mr. Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger on Jan. 3, he had asked them to approve his request for National Guard soldiers to help secure the Capitol on Jan. 6. Mr. Irving and Mr. Stenger made up two-thirds of the Capitol Police Board, which oversees U.S. Capitol Police and had to approve any such requests.

He met first with Mr. Irving.

Sund explained that he went into Irving’s “office, again 9:24 in the morning … and immediately went up and said, ‘Hey, I’d like to bring in the National Guard to support me on, to assist me on the perimeter because when we have a joint session of Congress, it takes a lot of our personnel inside.’”

“But immediately, as soon as I asked him, his first response was: ‘I don’t know. I don’t like the optics of that,’” Sund testified. “And his second response was, ‘Besides, the intelligence doesn’t support it.’”

Irving then told Sund to go talk to Stenger, which he did around two hours later.

“‘You know, let’s come up with another idea,’” Sund said, quoting Stenger, who also suggested that the police chief reach out to the Pentagon to see how quickly Guard personnel could respond if needed.


“So I called (Army Gen.) William Walker, 6:14 p.m. that night,” Sund testified. “He told me they have 125 people assisting with COVID response. He could reallocate those fairly quickly once he got secretary of defense approval and send them over.”

“I said, ‘Mr. Stenger, you came up with that response fairly quickly for me to call General Walker,’” Sund testified. “And he told me Paul Irving had called him ahead of time and said: ‘Sund came here looking for the National, asking for the National Guard. We’ve got to come up with another plan. Pelosi will never go for it.’”

“I was floored by him saying that,” Sund told House lawmakers.

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