Pirro, Gutfeld Clash In Fiery Segment Of ‘The Five’ Over Actor’s Brawl With Bikers – Trump News 2024


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“The Five” co-hosts Jeanine Pirro and Greg Gutfeld got into a heated back-and-forth over an actor’s brawl with several bikers on a Los Angeles street after video of the incident went viral online.

“The new year starting with some chaos in liberal cities. Hollywood celebrities are now getting attacked,” said co-host Jesse Watters to open the segment regarding the brawl between actor Ian Ziering and what looked to be as many as four others.

“This is the perfect analogy, an encapsulation of a country of men finally hitting their limits, right?” Gutfeld offered after the clip played.

“This should be an inspiration to everybody in the new year. That dude is in his sixth decade, and even though he was running, he was swatting these little brats away like they were flies,” Gutfeld continued.

Then it was Pirro’s turn to chime in.


“Anybody who commits a crime where it’s five-on-one, it’s a gang assault, they go to jail, okay? But let’s pull the veil back a little bit. Who got out of the car? He got out of the car. He left his 10-year-old daughter in the car, alright?” she said. “What did he do when he got out of the car? He punched the biker. What did he do when he got out? He knocked the biker off the bike.”

“This guy is the guy who assaulted them first, and his statements are so legally vetted it’s not funny… He not only threw the first punch, they were on their bikes when he was out of the car punching them, and he literally knocked a guy off the bike,” Pirro continued.

“Now let me tell you, I’m a prosecutor at heart. Everybody, as far I’m concerned, violates the law, goes to jail. This guy says he got out to assess the damage to his car. He had no damage to his car,” she added. “If he’s worried about his daughter, stay in the car. If you are worried about your daughter, you don’t get out and start a fistfight with people on bikes and then run across the street while she’s alone in the car!”

Gutfeld then interjected, “He drew them away from the car. He’s a hero!” — which caused Pirro to burst into laughter.

“No, he is! He is,” Gutfeld insisted. “He understood there was a threat.”

“All he had to do was lock the doors,” countered Pirro, to which Gutfeld replied, “No. That’s cowardly.”

“He threw the first punch. He knocked them off the bike!” she responded.

Meanwhile, popular Fox News anchor Sean Hannity revealed that he has packed up his talents and moved to Florida. He has apparently left his home in Long Island and will broadcast from the Sunshine State.

After relocating his family to Florida, Sean Hannity informed his iHeartRadio talk show audience that he was now broadcasting live from his new studio.

At the outset of his show on Tuesday, Hannity announced the “breaking news,” stating: “If anybody is listening to this program for any length of time, been threatening now to do this for quite a while. But we are now beginning our first broadcast of my new home, and that is in the free state of Florida. I am out. I am done. I’m finished.”

“New York, New York. Goodbye. Florida. Florida. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But it’s great to be here. And I will tell you, one of the things that I was told either before, Linda, but feeling good tonight, by the way, and I’m that because she entertains everybody. I bet she was entertaining every day working or not working. And no, she worked a number of days. But and she’s such a good entertainer and such a great host is that anyone would want her back as soon as we can. I was told even before this that it just it just the time was right. I was able to put the final exclamation points on what needed to be done. And here I am,” Hannity said.

“And finally, for the first time that I can think of in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values. I have a governor by the name of Ron DeSantis and Senators Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott,” he added.

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