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Arkansas Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders believes that President Joe Biden and his administration are a “failure” and that voters do not support his open border policies.

“Governor, why is it so hard to deport people who don’t belong here who kick cops, drive drunk, and steal my grandma’s Social Security number?” host Jesse Watters asked Sanders during an interview on Fox News.

“Because we have a president who absolutely doesn’t care that millions and millions of people are coming across our border illegally. He has the power to shut the border down, to stop it. He can reinstate the remain in Mexico policy. He could actually build the wall. There is a lot of things he could be doing and this simply is a complete and total failure by this administration. In the state of Arkansas alone we seized enough fentanyl in the last year to kill every single person in our entire state,” Sanders began.

“That’s nearly 3 million people. Every man, woman and child. Enough fentanyl just in this state alone. It’s an absolute disgrace with this president is doing and it’s another great example while in November he has to go and Donald Trump has to be put back in place so we can secure our border and get our country back,” she added.

Watters jumped in and asked: “Do think Joe Biden loves this country?”

“If he did, he certainly wouldn’t be trying to destroy it second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. That’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s allowed our economy to drop and our border to completely collapse. Our enemy certainly don’t fear us,” Sanders said.

She added: “Our allies don’t respect us. Literally every single thing he does is at the destruction and demise of the people in this country. I think it is frankly totally disgraceful and disqualifying for him to be president of the United States if he cannot do the simple job of securing our border either at the south or the north.



Sanders will be in Texas on Sunday for a news conference on border security alongside a group of fourteen Republican governors.

In Eagle Pass’s Shelby Park, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is the event host. Following a Supreme Court decision, Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to enter the site to secure it, barring Homeland Security from accessing it and removing the razor wire. This led to media attention surrounding the location.

Joining Sanders will be:

–Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

–Idaho Gov. Brad Little

–Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb

–Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

–Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry

–Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves

–Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

–Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte

–Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen

–New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

–South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

–Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee

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–Utah Gov. Spencer Cox

In a social post last month, Sanders stated support for Abbot’s efforts at the southern border of his state, writing that “Arkansas stands with Texas” on a post sharing a release from the Lone Star governor about his state’s “constitutional right to self-defense.”

A few days later, Sanders weighed in on the border dispute once more, recommending that the current president adopt the policies that his predecessor had supported.

“We don’t need a ‘deal.’ We need a wall,” Sanders said in a social media post. “Biden already has the power to secure the border and refuses to use it. Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy, build the wall, and enforce immigration laws already on the books.”

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