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FOX News host Sean Hannity reflects on the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel as it battles Hamas in Gaza on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: But first, in just a moment, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will join us. His country is in a fight for its very existence and survival against an enemy that has vowed to destroy them. Now, in its founding charter, Hamas openly promises to “obliterate” Israel and wage jihad against the Jews. And on October 7th, they backed up their genocidal rhetoric with action, murdering over 1200 Israelis and capturing several hundred more in the worst terror attack in Israel’s history


Now, if you adjust for population size, this is roughly the equivalent to losing 38,000 Americans, having them murdered in a single day 38,000. To make matters worse, these innocent civilians they weren’t just killed. No, we have all the evidence. They were tortured, they were burned alive, babies beheaded, young women raped. And like ISIS, Hamas filmed their barbaric acts. The video is so gruesome I’m not allowed to show it on this program. And despite suffering one of the worst attacks in human history, few rallied around Israel. Instead, many questioned Israel’s right to even defend itself. Well, by the way, in an October vote at the United Nations, a vast majority of countries actually demanded that Israel unilaterally declare a cease-fire, allow Hamas to rearm and regroup. And while Biden publicly was supporting Israel, privately, we know he was urging Netanyahu to pause Israel’s assault on Hamas, which, by the way, now he’s even saying publicly. Can you imagine if this is how our allies responded after 9/11? 

Now, before Israel even had a chance to bury its dead, the widespread anti-Israeli protests erupting in city after city all around the globe, virtually no one condemned Hamas and even after it openly vowed to repeat October 7th again and again and again until all of Israeli Jews are dead. Well, where’s the condemnation? Well, as we speak, many are publicly praising Hamas. They are calling for Israel to be wiped off the planet “from the river to the sea.” That includes Democratic congresswoman Tlaib. Other bigots are ripping down posters of men and women and children that were kidnapped by Hamas. Violent attacks against Jewish people at home and abroad– they are spiking. And in Israel, rockets continue to rain down from all directions. 


If not for the Iron Dome, thousands more would be dead. Now, this past month has been an important reminder why the world needs a Jewish state that is strong enough to defend itself when surrounded by its enemies in a struggle for its survival. You have an obligation to fight back with, as Winston Churchill famously said, all he has to offer is “blood, toil, tears and sweat.” What is his aim? Victory against this monstrous tyranny at all costs. 

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