Spotify ‘Daylist’ searches spiked 20,000% after Instagram trend – PPT News

In November, Spotify took over social media feeds with its Wrapped deep dive into users’ listening habits. Now, its personalized daylists are gaining viral attention online.

Daylists are curated playlists based on users’ tastes and the music they listen to. The playlist changes throughout the day for each user. Spotify reported a 20,000% increase in searches for daylists in the past week. Posting the playlists on Instagram Stories became a trend in recent days, but daylists were launched last September.

The playlists are unique to each user, with names such as “romantic c-sharp minor Tuesday morning,” “delulu masterpiece Thursday afternoon” and “unique library Friday morning.”

Spotify data has become a popular way for people to show their personalities online in recent years. Like Wrapped, daylists have given people an easy way to show off their hyperspecific tastes.

But some people have taken their daylist titles — such as “overthinking softie afternoon” or “sad hopeless romantic evening” — as personal affronts.

“how many of you have been personally victimized by spotify’s daylist? I want to see those playlist title pls,” one person asked on X.

“the way my spotify daylist gathered me up,” another posted on X.

Still, others have said they felt “seen” by the daylists and liked the recommendations in them.

Daylists are only available to users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

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