‘The Voters Are Disgusted With It!’ Jesse Watters Rips Biden Over Treatment Of Trump – Trump News 2024


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Fox News star Jesse Watters blasted President Joe Biden, along with guest Stephen Miller earlier this week over the administration’s attempts to put his chief political opponent, former President Donald Trump, in prison.

Miller, one of Trump’s advisers during his first term, claimed that the Department of Justice was “trying to put President Trump in jail for 100 lifetimes over a library dispute,” referencing federal charges filed by special counsel Jack Smith against Trump over his handling and possession of classified documents, even as a special counsel appointed to investigate Biden’s possession of sensitive documents has gone silent after being appointed a year ago.

Miller appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss Trump being charged with an additional three counts by Smith, including “willful retention of national defense information” and obstruction. Trump has also been accused of ordering a maintenance worker to remove surveillance footage from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

On the separate allegations of bribery and foreign corruption against Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Miller said:

All of the answers that we could ever need til the end of time, that would close the book on this forever, are inside that drug-addled brain of Hunter Biden. He is the star witness. Now this isn’t hard for the DOJ. This is the kind of thing that people like James Comey could do in their sleep. You would go to Hunter and you would say, “We have you dead to rights on tax crimes, being an unregistered foreign agent, on sex crimes, on drug crimes, on gun crimes, on every crime under the sun, and we will give you an immunity deal, a non-prosecution agreement, under one condition: you tell us everything and you give us the instructions for every foreign bank account and every transaction involving your father Joe.

Watters quipped, “Yeah, but Stephen, what you’re missing is, why do that when you can charge Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker?”


“What is $50 million in bribery and foreign corruption and trading on America’s national security compared to a janitor in a library dispute with the National Archives? I mean, good lord, Jesse,” Miller responded.

He added: “This is why the American people are absolutely just fed up. They are completely at their wits’ end when it comes to DOJ corruption. They are trying to put President Trump in jail for 100 lifetimes over a library dispute with the National Archives! But right in front of us is literally the corruption case of the century, of American history, and it would take is working Hunter Biden for a couple of hours facing real jail time.”

Watters concluded, “Yeah, it’s disgusting. I’ll say this, we’re disgusted with it. The voters are disgusted with it.”


In January, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur as special counsel to look into Biden’s possession of classified documents. Under current federal law, according to several legal experts, Biden did not have any authority as a U.S. senator or even vice president to declassify documents on his own, which made his possession of them all the more suspicious.

To that point, in June, an attorney who used to represent Trump shamed ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after the “Good Morning America” co-host seemed to suggest that the indictment against the former president for his handling of classified documents is justified, but an indictment against Biden for similar alleged actions is not.

Jim Trusty, who previously resigned as one of Trump’s attorneys, nevertheless spoke highly of his former client and said without hesitation that he believes Biden’s actions and behaviors are far worse though most of the mainstream media isn’t reporting on them.

Here’s a partial transcript:

JIM TRUSTY: When I have this conversation with him, he very quickly pivots to concern about the country. You know, it’s not a real selfish analysis. It’s this is a bad moment for our history. This is our country turning the corner. And as somebody that’s been around criminal justice for over 30 years, I agree with him. It’s a Rubicon we shouldn’t be crossing.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But doesn’t the president, don’t you believe in the principle that no person is above the law? If the president committed the same crime that someone else did, shouldn’t he be charged?

TRUSTY: No person is below the law. That’s really the issue here. I mean, you’ve got these investigations in Delaware that are a thousand times more serious by a sitting president who has authorized his DOJ to try to sink the candidacy of his prime opposition while that guy has unsecured documents that he stole out of a SCIF dozens of years ago. So, look, you know, we’re not talking about some sort of favoritism.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: What are you talking about? That is a ridiculous statement.

TRUSTY: There’s this issue (laughs)… Nice try. There’s an issue that anyone that reads any news, the first would agree there’s a parallel track, which is the Delaware documents scandal of Joe Biden, where there’s a special counsel, Rob Hur, that’s investigating it. You know that there were documents that were sensitive, that were marked classified, found in a garage near a Corvette that made their way through Chinatown, through the Penn Biden Center.

There’s 850 boxes that have never been fully looked at at the University of Delaware. You have the ultimate unclean hands of a current sitting president who had no declassification, had none of the protections of President Trump. And you literally had to have stolen stuff from a skiff. Even Dick Durbin has commented about how this was an outrageous possession of classified material by the vice president at that point. Joe Biden.

So that’s what we’re talking about. You can scoff and act like there’s nothing to it, but the whole country knows the basic notion of unequal treatment and fairness. And that’s what’s at issue with this prosecution.

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