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A big change has been made at the Washington Post.

A new publisher and CEO has been named.

William Lewis, who previously served as the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, is the new publisher and CEO.

Politico reported:

Veteran media executive and former business journalist William Lewis is the new CEO and publisher of the Washington Post, according to a story published on the Post’s website Saturday.

Lewis, 54, served as publisher of the Wall Street Journal and CEO of Dow Jones after a career in British media, including as editor-in-chief of London’s Daily Telegraph. He worked at Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp. in the aftermath of the company’s phone-hacking and police bribery scandal.

Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos praised Lewis as a “strong fit” for the role.

“As I’ve gotten to know Will, I’ve been drawn to his love of journalism and passion for driving financial success,” Bezos wrote in an email to staff, according to the Post. “Will embodies the tenacity, energy and vision needed for this role. He believes that together we will build the right future for The Post. I agree.”

The Washington Post is projected to lose $100 million this year.

Reuters reported:

The Washington Post said that it is projected to end the year taking a $100 million loss. The publisher added that executives are offering buyouts across the company in an effort to reduce its head count by about 10 percent, the newsroom is expected to shrink to about 940 journalists.

Lewis’s appointment comes at a time when the media industry is grappling with a sluggish advertising market, low trust in news, and developments in generative AI technology that threaten to upend how people find and consume information.


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