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Donald Trump just got even more good news.

A new poll found Trump leading Biden in key swing states.

The states include Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

Breitbart reported:

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in six of seven crucial swing states, according to a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, mirroring a trend in two separate polls published Sunday and Thursday.

In hypothetical head-to-head matchups, Trump leads Biden to varying degrees in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, while they tie in Michigan.

When independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Green Party candidate Cornel West are added to the pool, Trump maintains his leads over Biden. However, the president takes a slim advantage in Michigan.

The poll finds that Trump holds a four-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head race in Arizona. Of the 800 registered voter respondents, 46 percent would back Trump, and 42 percent would support Biden. Another four percent of Arizona voters wouldn’t vote, while eight percent would be undecided.

Via Interactive polls:

Trump 48% (+7)
Biden 41%

Trump 46% (+4)
Biden 42%
Trump 47% (+3)
Biden 44%
Trump 46% (+3)
Biden 43%
Trump 47% (+1)
Biden 46%
Trump 48% (+9)
Biden 39%
Biden 43% (=)
Trump 43%

10/30-11/07 | 4,992 RV | ±1%


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