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The Teamsters Union endorsed Joe Biden in 2020.

This might be changing.

Donald Trump met with the Teamsters executive board and other members at their headquarters.

After the meeting, Trump said he believes he has a “good shot” to win the endorsement.

NBC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump met with the Teamsters Union on Wednesday in an attempt to slice into one of President Joe Biden’s previous lines of support.

Trump attended a meeting with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien, Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, the union’s executive board and other members at a roundtable at the group’s headquarters in Washington.

“We had a very strong meeting with the Teamsters,” Trump told reporters, saying he thinks there is a “good shot” that he gets their endorsement.

“Usually a Republican wouldn’t get that endorsement,” Trump said while arguing that he was in a stronger position than other Republicans and that the union “never had … a better four years than they had during the Trump administration.”


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